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Our therapists will use the most effective massage techniques based on your individual needs, from relaxation to injuries treatment.

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Couples massage is a great way to get on the same wavelength with your partner. Share the joy of relaxation with the loved one!

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Hot Stone

Hot stone massage helps you to soothe and resist stress. It also activates metabolic processes and helps your body to flush toxins.

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It is time to connect with

Your Inner Self !

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About Body Health Center

Body Health Center is the place where the harmony of body and soul gets restored. We offer various massage techniques and individual approach to each client.

Massage is perfect natural medicine. It is useful to absolutely everyone, as it is not only a joyful and relaxing process, but also a way to get rid of many health issues, such as pain, injuries, poor sleep, anxiety and many more. Massage helps you to look and feel better.

In Body Health Center there is always only comfort and good mood atmosphere. Our professional therapists offer various massage techniques and able to help you to find the right therapy for your individual needs.

All therapists have a current license for the Maryland State Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

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Meet Our Therapists

  • Mandy

  • Eason

  • Magnolia


What our Clients say

Reviews 5 Star Rating


I had my first deep tissue massage at the Body Health Center this evening. I was not sure about having a male massage therapist when the female massage therapist was busy with another client, but Eason was thoroughly professional. He did an excellent job reducing the stiffness and tightness in my neck and shoulders as well as finding some areas in the lower back that really needed work. I feel like I can move again! Eason warned me that I would likely be sore tomorrow, but it's worth the improved range of motion. I will be back and would definitely recommend this massage business. Eason did a great job and online booking was very easy. Thank you. Best wishes for success in your new business.

Cathy Kusmin

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