Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone therapy is based on the temperature effects on your body, especially on vessels. It is believed that the stones are able to inform the body about what it lacks.

Hot stone massage helps your body to flush toxins by activating metabolic processes. Stone therapy sessions also contribute to maximum relaxation, soothe and help resist stress.

This massage technique helps the muscles to relax both in spots where the stones come into contact with the body and throughout the body, including the face, which smoothest little wrinkles.  Therefore, another positive effect of hot stone therapy is cosmetic.

Hot stone massage restores hormones, rejuvenates cells, and the variable massage technique with hot and cold stones can reduce cellulite.

Add to any massage for just $15!

Service 30 mins 60 mins 90 mins 120 mins
Individual Massage (includes Swedish, Deep, Sports, Trigger Point Massage techniques) $50 $70 $100 $120
Couples Massage   $120 $180  
Hot Stone Massage   $85    


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